Easiest Way to Learn French

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I get asked this question a lot: What is the easiest way to learn French? Is it books, taking private lessons, audiobooks, videos, magic? Certainly, French is one of the most popular languages worldwide, and it’s not easy to learn for many. Whether you want to understand French movies, music, or interact with native French … Read more

10 Famous French Actresses

In our previous post, we talked about 10 famous French actors. We learned details about their lives and careers and came to a better understanding of why they are/were who they are/were. But let’s not forget the ladies! That’s why today we will talk about 10 famous French actresses. Many of those ladies rose to … Read more

10 Famous French Actors

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In my experience, one of the main reasons I started studying French was my interest in French movies and celebrities. Did you know that France is one of the main exporters of actors worldwide? Many Hollywood actors are French or of French origin, although not all migrate to the U.S. as France has an important … Read more

Busuu French Review in Detail

Would you like to learn French in a simple way, let’s say short interactive lessons? Something you can study at home or wherever you are? I bet you’re also looking for an affordable program with some good perks included, right? Then Busuu is for you! In this Busuu French review, I will explain to you … Read more

French for Beginners – A Few Tips

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I often receive many questions regarding French for beginners. Some people say French is hard, while others say they can understand it if they see it written but can’t speak it or understand it when they hear it. Grammar and pronunciation are other common struggles for beginners as well. A new language can be intimidating, … Read more

Most Common Mistakes in French

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When we learn a new language, we will inevitably make mistakes. They’re an essential part of our learning journey. While it’s normal to make mistakes, we should try to note them to avoid them in the future. Maybe it has something to do with vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation. Whatever it is, it needs to be … Read more

How to Speak Faster in French

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Did you ever think that the French or other foreigners speak too fast? Well, while there may be some truth in that, it is usually a subjective conception. They could say the same thing about other languages they’re not used to speaking. When we learn another language, it’s not always easy to speak at the … Read more

Rocket Languages Review

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Are you someone who likes to learn languages on his own? Do you even have time to attend classes in person or online? Would you rather study at your own pace from the comfort of your home? Well, then Rocket Languages is for you! This company has been in the market for almost 20 years … Read more

10 French Idioms with Animals

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In a previous post, we talked about things you could say to sound more French. Yes, pronunciation and grammar are important, but French expressions and slang are equally important. If you want to sound more French, you need to learn some key expressions that native French speakers use. In this lesson, we will talk about … Read more

Commonly Confused Words in French

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Each language is different. We may be used to ours and not question words or expressions we use every day, but when someone who studies it tells us something doesn’t make sense or asks us why we say certain things, we start thinking about it and maybe we don’t have the answer. We just say … Read more