Is French Hard to Learn? – Yes and No

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Many people struggle with French, while others say it’s one of the easiest languages to learn. Why is that? Who is right and who is wrong? Realistically and objectively speaking, is French hard to learn? Which factors come into play? French is one of the most popular languages worldwide, but despite that, some people are … Read more

Immigration in France

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France is unquestionably one of the most popular countries around the world due to its cultural heritage, its economy, and its respect for human rights. That’s why many people have sought to move there. However, immigration in France has been a sensitive topic as of late. Many events over the last decades have led to … Read more

Tandem Language Learning – Is It Effective?

If you are interested in learning another language, you may have come across tandem language learning. Also known as language exchanges, tandem language learning has a simple idea: uniting two or more people interested in learning each other’s language. In our case, since our goal is to learn French, we have to look for native … Read more

My Learning Experience With French

My learning experience with French has been incredible. To be honest, when somebody asked me if I would like to learn another language besides English, I would always answer no. After all, Spanish (my native language) and English are some of the most spoken languages around the world. Why should I even bother with a … Read more

Why Should I Learn French?

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Why should I learn French? I asked myself this question a few years ago. After all, speaking English has a lot of advantages, and it seems it’s the only language we need to learn besides our native language. Have you ever been interested in learning French? Chances are you have, but then you may have … Read more