Best French Storybooks for Kids

A little kid looking at a book.

In our last post, we discussed books for adults learning French. But what about kids? Unlike adults, kids are visual learners. They like to watch photos or videos when they study. A book without pictures is boring. That’s why it’s important to come up with creative ways to teach kids something, in this case, French. … Read more

7 French Learning Books – The Old-School Way

Several elements of French culture.

Are you looking to learn French, but you don’t know where to start? There are so many resources out there that it becomes an overwhelming task…more overwhelming than it should be. Online courses, French lessons, books… What should you choose? If you’re old school like me, then you might be thinking of buying some French … Read more

Is French Hard to Learn? – Yes and No

A figure in front of a maze.

Many people struggle with French, while others say it’s one of the easiest languages to learn. Why is that? Who is right and who is wrong? Realistically and objectively speaking, is French hard to learn? Which factors come into play? French is one of the most popular languages worldwide, but despite that, some people are … Read more

Common French False Friends in English

A finger caught in a mousetrap.

When learning a new language, it’s a common practice to rely too much on our native languages. We feel more confident when something is familiar. It has happened to me many times. I see a familiar word in a foreign language and then try to use it the way I would in my language. English … Read more

Commonly Confused Words in French

Confused man and woman.

Each language is different. We may be used to ours and not question words or expressions we use every day, but when someone who studies it tells us something doesn’t make sense or asks us why we say certain things, we start thinking about it and maybe we don’t have the answer. We just say … Read more

What is Verlan?

A group of teenagers practicing skateboarding at a park.

If you have been studying French for some time, you must have come across a peculiar concept: verlan. But what is verlan? All French teachers teach it at some point. It must be important then, right? There seems to be some confusion around verlan. How does it work? Do the French really use it? Are … Read more

French Language YouTube Channels

A young French YouTuber.

Regardless of the French level you’re at, it’s always a good idea to have some French language YouTube channels on hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner. There is something in store for you. It’s just a matter of searching. Today I will share with you some of my favorite … Read more

How Do Adjectives Work in French?

Lots of adjectives written in different colors.

Many people have asked me the following question: “How do adjectives work in French?” They’re a little bit different from adjectives in English. Since adjectives are one of the parts of speech, it’s essential to understand and master them. Where do French adjectives go in a sentence? Are there any exceptions? What should I keep … Read more

The French Future Tenses

Two hands touching a crystal ball.

In our most recent post, we talked about the differences between past tenses, namely, le passé composé vs l’imparfait. Today, we will talk about expressing the future. Fortunately, the French future tenses are not as complicated as their cousins. Talking about the future is much simpler. We use two structures: le futur simple (simple future) and le … Read more

Le Passé Composé vs L’Imparfait

A pocket watch next to a book with two pages shaped like a heart.

When talking about the past in French, we normally use one of two grammatical structures: le passé composé and l’imparfait. French learners tend to confuse them in the beginning. Both tenses are used to talk about the past after all. When do you use each? That’s why today we will talk about le passé composé … Read more