How to Count in French – Numbers from 0 to 99

Do you know how to count in French? You may probably have heard that French numbers are tricky. Well, there is some truth in that. Compared to English numbers, French numbers follow some logic that many of us quite don’t understand. They’re not as straightforward and even require we do some math. We will get … Read more

The French Alphabet and Pronunciation

Linguists consider the alphabet the foundation of any language. Before you start building something, you need to have a solid foundation. French is no different. If you want to learn French, you first have to master the French alphabet and pronunciation. The good news is the French alphabet is very similar to other alphabets like … Read more

Learn French With Songs

A cell phone with earphones.

Are you tired of just learning vocabulary and grammar through boring language lessons? Did you know you can also learn French with songs? It’s really fun, and what’s even better, there are a ton of them to choose from! This is a great way to vary your learning techniques. You can look for French music … Read more

Learning French for Beginners

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Learning French can be intimidating for beginners. New learners tend to get overwhelmed by the number of new vocabulary, expressions, sounds, and everything they have to learn. Their native language might be totally different from French, making matters harder. There are so many resources out there. You will hear a lot of advice from experts … Read more

Verbling Review – Is It Good?

A screenshot of Verbling homepage.

Are you looking for a Verbling review? Look no further! You’ve come to the right place. Chances are you have come across this language site when looking for a teacher/tutor online, and you would like to know if it works or not. In this post, I will explain to you how Verbling works and other … Read more

How to Find a French Tutor

A tutor helping a female student.

When it comes to learning French, it is very important to learn how to find a French tutor. This is key if you are serious about learning the language. But what makes a good tutor? Where can you find one? What qualities should you look for? Specific characteristics can vary, but some of them are … Read more

Learning French Online – Is It Possible?

A laptop with a written message on it.

Have you ever tried learning French online? Is that even possible? Why, yes! With so many resources at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever before! Long gone are the days when books were our only option to learn a language. Those long, boring books were a nightmare, but luckily now, we have way more options … Read more

Why Should I Learn French?

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Why should I learn French? I asked myself this question a few years ago. After all, speaking English has a lot of advantages, and it seems it’s the only language we need to learn besides our native language. Have you ever been interested in learning French? Chances are you have, but then you may have … Read more