12 Things You Always Thought Were French

Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Would you be surprised if I told you that French toast is not really a French thing? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it turns out many things you always thought were French originated somewhere else. I know what you’re thinking. They have been deceiving us our whole lives! We can’t trust anyone anymore! … Read more

French Stereotypes – True or False?

There are endless stereotypes about every culture imaginable. Americans this, Mexicans that, Italians some more… The French are no exception. A lot has been said about their culture. You may have a wrong impression of them based on what you have seen in movies or TV. I know I did until I met real French … Read more

The 14th of July in France

Formally called Fête nationale, the 14th of July in France is the nation’s most important holiday. In practice, though, it’s commonly known as le 14 juillet by the French. Outside of France, this day is known as Bastille Day. There is some confusion around this date, especially for the non-French. Many think of this day … Read more